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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Hot Oct. in Japan

After announcing the release of the single balanced armature BA100 two months ago, now TDK is following up with a dual balanced armature IEM nicknamed BA200. It will also have the flat cable from BA100 and priced around US$240.

Audio-Technica just announced a truck load of expensive headphones to celebrate its 50th anniversary (or maybe more correctly - asking buyers to help funding its 50th anniversary :) ). Among them includes some new Solid Bass (CKS) series IEM, and 4 really interesting models - (1) ATH-CKW1000ANV (top left in picture), priced around $600 with wood + titanium housing, a specially developed 14mm dynamic transducer  and limited to only 2500 pairs worldwide. (2) ATH-CKM1000 (top right), priced around US$520 with aluminum + titanium housing and another specially developed 14mm dynamic transducer. (3) ATH-CK100PRO (bottom left), priced around US$650 with titanium housing, 3-ways triple balanced armature transducer, horn-nozzle design and removable cable. (4) ATH-CK90PRO MK2 (bottom right), priced at US$260 with horn-nozzle design, presumably the follow up model of the original CK90PRO.

Price quote are all referenced to Japanese market, expect to add a hundred or two when they went oversea :p

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