Thursday, March 31, 2011

Ever Solider

Ever so often Audio-Technica like to update their line of products. This time, it is the lower end of the Solid BASS series with the ATH-CKS50 and ATH-CKS70. The new models will be known as ATH-CKS55 and ATH-CKS77. Beside the very obvious name 'improvement', I am not quite sure what has been changed. As usual, Audio-Technica will like the buyer to find out for themselves. Hmm...

Wednesday, March 30, 2011


It has been a while since SoundMAGIC releases any new headphone, but now we have 4 models coming in April:
P30 - Portable headphone
E10 - Metal housing in-ear headphone
E30 - Over-the-ear cable and ergonomic in-ear design headphone
EH11 - Clip on in-ear headphone

No much detail on the other model yet but we do have a computer rendering of E10 (on above) as well as its spec:
Driver: Dynamics 10mm Neodymium Transducer
Frequency range: 15Hz~22KHz
Impedance: 16±10% Ω
Sensitivity: 100±2 dB at 1KHz/mW
Cable length: 1.2 m
Connector: Stereo 3.5mm, Gold-planted plug
Weight: 11 g
Suggested retail price is $34.99

Sunday, March 20, 2011

[REVIEW] Panasonic RP-HJE450

From time to time I’ll like to pick up a big brand name earbud or IEM from the electronic chain store just to get a feel of what is ‘out there’.  It is a good reminder for me to see just how far I have travelled and it can certainly act as a good reference point for those who are just decided to move away from the big brand name offering in search of something better. Panasonic, like many other Japanese big brands, has pour out quite a good number of different IEM and earbud models yearly. The HJE series, which actually began its life as one of Panasonic more premier line of earbud, has slowly morphed into a more generic, consumer orientated series. With less than US$30 for MSRP, can we expect a little more from the HJE450?



Saturday, March 19, 2011

Brainwavz B2

Remember the new dual drivers from Brainwavz we talk about a few weeks ago? It will be released at the end of April and MP4 Nation is having a promotion now. If you pre-order it, you will get a $30 off from the usual price of $169.50. There is another extra $10 off for those who had bought any of the previous Brainwavz models before, so check out the B2 page for the detail.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Finally: RE262

 A few months back, I reviewed the upcoming RE262 (which at the time was handed out as part of the HifiMan HM602 packaging). Well, finally HifiMan is ready to release it as an independent product. Spotting a lower price @ US$150, the new RE262 will have slightly different physical build than the one I reviewed. First, it seems to come with a metal housing now. Second, the mini plug has been switched to a 4 pins TRRS plug (which is used for balanced signal that HM801 will support via a new balanced amp module). It also comes with all the necessary adapters so you can use the TRRS plug on any DAP. It even has an adapter so you can wear the RE262 in over-the-ear configuration. All and all, it seems Head-Direct has taken their time to further refine RE262, the lowering in expected price (used to be $250) is just another great plus to sweeten the whole deal - worthy to receive a 4.9/5 Sonic Diamond Award™ recommendation. Why not 5/5? Because RE262 still need a good source or amp to shine, thus limiting the overall performance.

[UPDATE] Apparently the housing is still in plastic, though it does affect the rating I give.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

[REVIEW] Phiaton PS20

First, I want to thank Phiaton for the review sample.

About a year ago I reviewed the Phiaton PS210, which features the unique ‘half in-ear’ design that is meant to combine the openness of an earbud with the fit of an IEM. It works so well that PS210 is still one of my most beloved IEM in the sub-$100 category till these days. But now Phiaton has a different IEM with the same half in-ear design to offer to us, and they take a different approach this time when it comes to sound tuning – while PS210 strength is in its clarity, the new PS20 is aimed to impress people with its bass performance.



Wednesday, March 2, 2011

[REVIEW] Klipsch S4

Klipsch has been a big name in the speaker world. So when they decided to enter the IEM world with the ‘X’ and ‘Custom’ line of products, they indeed made a big splash. However the really “big” thing sale wise for them is probably the introduction of their “S” series, which is more of a budget orientated dynamic based IEM line. For a while, it almost seems like there must a mention of Klipsch S4 in every sub-$100 IEM discussion. While it is a bit late in the game to make much impact with this review, I guess it can still serve well as a good reference point for those who have heard or owned a S4 before when compared it to other IEM.



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