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Thursday, January 23, 2014

Westone ES60

Not like we didn't see this coming: ES60, 6 drivers in 3 ways configuration, soft nozzle with hard acrylic shell and an US$1300 price tag.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014


While the brand Fostex might not ring much of a bell outside of the Audiophiles' world, its parent company Foster Japan is however one of the major OEM companies behind many big brand name headphones for the last few decades. They have been pushing for their own brand of full size headphones in recent years with very positive response and now it seems they are gearing up for the in-ear market as well. The just announced TE-05 marks the company's first serious IEM under the Fostex brand. It will be a single dynamic with removable cable, which seems to use the dreadful MMXC connector. Price will be around US$150. The impedance and sensitivity don't look to be very high so it might need a decently powerful source to drive it well.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Westone W50 / W60

Westone has announced two new entries to the W line-up at CES2014: the 5 drivers W50 and the 6 drivers W60, both in 3-ways configuration and priced at US$750 and US$999 respectively. I guess this is Westone's response to Shure SE846, by almost knocking at the $1K door. One would wonder if it will be better just to get a custom IEM with that kind of money.

[UPDATE] Westone follow up with more new products announcements: The US$350 single driver custom AC10, US$480 dual drivers custom AC20 and a new universal IEM in the ADV series, the US$180 'Beta'.

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