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Monday, July 11, 2011

[Impression] Maike MK-EL5031

I won’t want to spend much time writing this article as there really isn’t much to write about, so this will be a short impression at best. I picked the Maike up from a local computer accessories shop for US$6 and don’t really expect much from it. Well, for the price tag, I think Maike doesn’t charge you more than what the IEM worth for sure.

Spec, Build Quality and etc
It is a 32ohm IEM with 16mm dynamic transducer. The speaker is side-mounted as most IEM with large transducer do and at first glance, it actually doesn’t look half bad. Though I had seen worst on a pair of$10 Kanon before, I can’t say this IEM will win a build quality contest anytime soon, even on the sub-$10 category. I accidentally dropped the IEM from my desk to the ground and now the right earpiece has something rattling inside when shaken. However, it doesn’t sound worst or unbalanced in any way for some mysterious reason. The included eartips are pretty bad and you might have to pay more than the actual price of the IEM just for decent set of eartips to get a good seal.

Sound Quality
The sound signature is mid centric with a roll off treble. The bass reaches low but lacks body to back it up. Mid is the most forwarded of the whole presentation yet it is grainy and unrefined. Treble is too grainy at the lower end but roll off at the top, missing out on a lot of sparkle and micro-detail. Soundstage is only decent; still it is better than most IEM of the same price range. Overall the Maike is exactly what you can expect from a $6 IEM with a mainstream tuning. It is not offensive in anyway, but it doesn’t surprise much as well.

You will get what you’ve paid for, and that’s about it. Just think of the bright side: at least they are not overcharging you on anything.

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