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Friday, February 11, 2011

Hard Coding SPL

Here is something interesting - the benefit of using an IEM is always referred to the fact that by limiting the external noise going to your ear drum (*noise isolation), you can lower the overall volume needed to listen to music and thus making IEM an safer listening device compare to the common earbuds. However, there is nothing to stop an individual from turning the volume up over the limit on an IEM if (s)he chooses to do so, which defeats the purpose of IEM's isolation. While this might not be a big issue among well established IEM user who knows how to use their equipment properly, the same can't be said to youngster who like to bang their head by pumping loud music into their brain via any headphone, noise isolated or not. This new IEM from dB Logic, the EP-100,  features a passive circuit inside that will automatically limits the the overall loudness to a safer level when the volume dial is turned too high, and it is said to be able to do it without introducing distortion of its own. If this indeed works as advertised, it will probably make a great gift from worrying parent to the younger music loving members in the family. At $30 a pair, it won't eat too much into your pocket as well.

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