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Monday, May 4, 2009

Last Week Most Interesting

It seems tunable IEM is getting more and more popular these days. CrossRoads, which known for its budget orientated IEM, has came out with its own version of tunable IEM called 'Quattro'. As always, will be the one selling it and apparently the first stock just come in this morning. No much detail at this point except that the IEM comes with three set of 'Tuning Plate' which allow customization to different frequency response (mostly on bass). Here are a few pictures you can look at.

Hit this link for more detail over at

[UPDATE] These just in: CrossRoads Woody 1 and 2. Again, no detail yet.

I totally forgot to post this up last week, but late is better than never, so here it is: the UE700, latest offering from Ultimate Ears which is now a Logitech company. It is a tiny dual drive IEM that is as small as the q-JAYS. Judging from the naming and pricing (MSRP US$230), it seems to be marketed as a model between the current 5 and lineup. I won't bother you with the spec, but you can read its review at iLounge here.

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